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hcare1HCare1 is the Long Term Care solution from Health Care Systems. The comprehensive package runs on Windows based computers with accessibility to the internet. Our monthly subscription service provides you access to HCare1 with the ability to securely input, view, process and print information from any of your facilities.

HCare1 is available in three separate, but integrated modules; Resident Management, Resident Care, and Financial Management. Together, these modules provide an integrated management solution for LTC facilities, but they can also be used individually in combination with other third party systems.

Industry Leaders

Our staff consists of a combination of LTC professionals and technology specialists working together to provide effective and affordable business solutions to nursing homes, LTC facilities and other medical organizations.

Why You Should Consider HCare1?

  • No upfront license fees
  • Total cost for less than many other vendors’ maintenance fees alone
  • No special equipment or computer staff required
  • We can provide computers or you can use your own
  • Work from home or anywhere with internet access
  • No upgrades to deal with – we do this automatically for you
  • No backups to worry about – we take care of it from our location
  • Want to host it yourself? – we can provide an affordable license or pick our self hosting turn-key solution
  • The HCare1 SaaS solution is web based software on demand. Pay for what you use and need.

Resident Management includes admission, census, inquiry, personal funds, billing and accounts receivable, and Medicare and Medicaid submission and tracking.

Resident Management Features

  • Online inquiry screen – information gathered will flow to other modules when admitted, eliminating duplicate input
  • View census history by resident
  • Prints inquiry records and admission face sheets
  • Electronic submission of Medicaid and Medicare claims in select states
  • Resubmission of electronic claims
  • Complies with Federal and State UB04 guidelines and HIPAA 837I format
  • Option to print UB04 forms for Medicaid and Medicare A and B
  • Review outstanding Medicaid and Medicare claims
  • Track Medicaid rejection / reimbursements
  • Interim Medicaid billing by specified dates
  • Automatically calculates resident days, room charges, resident resources charges, coinsurance, deductible, and contractual adjustments
  • Interim private statements, by resident or all
  • 24 month audit of charges, receipts, and adjustments
  • Mass rate changes allowed
  • Flows to General Ledger, if desired
  • Advance bill private pay option
  • Advance bill resident resource option
  • Sales tax on private ancillaries option
  • Interest on past due accounts option
  • Bill private residents for the day of discharge option
  • Hospital leave factors for private and Medicaid
  • Automatic pricing of ancillary charges
  • Allows import of ancillary charges from bar code systems
  • Ability to review past due accounts
  • Collections system
  • Automatic / Manual resident numbers
  • Pulls Medicare Rug Code and Valid Modifiers from Resident Assessment module to the UB04 claims and A / B logs

Resident Management Online And Printed Reports

  • Aged Trial Balance
  • Private Statements
  • Medicare Part “A” and “B” UB04 Claim Form
  • Part “A” Medicare Log
  • Part “B” Medicare Log
  • Contractual Adjustment Report
  • Detailed Room/Board/Nursing Charges
  • Hospital Leave/Discharge Credit Report
  • Special Billing Report
  • Cash Journal
  • Adjustment Journal
  • Revenue Journal
  • Sales Tax Report
  • Interest Charged Report
  • Medicaid Medical Supplies Report
  • Medicaid UB04 Claim Form
  • Medicaid Accounts Receivable Report
  • Medicaid Pending Report
  • Medicaid Billing Report
  • Medicaid Claims Audit Report
  • Medicaid Cash Report
  • Cash Receipts Report
  • Ancillary Charge Report
  • Admitting/Attending Physician’s Report
  • ICD10 and Diagnoses Codes Report
  • Room Rates Report
  • Ancillary Product Description Report
  • Referring Name Report
  • Resident Ledger
  • Resident Address Labels
  • Ancillary Charge Analysis
  • Non-Chargeable Ancillary Documentation Report
  • Accounts Receivable Days Outstanding Report
  • Resident Ledger Summary
  • Resident Personal Funds Statements
  • Personal Funds Journal
  • Personal Funds Interest Report
  • Personal Funds Trial Balance
  • 1099 – Interest Forms
  • Financial Information
  • Billing Information
  • Medicaid/Medicare Information
  • Treatment Information
  • Medical Information
  • Valuables File Report
  • Signature/Sociological Information
  • Asset File Report
  • Admission Report
  • Resident Listing
  • Open Inquiry Listing
  • Inquiry Statistical Report
  • Inquiry Form
  • Census Changes Report
  • Census Worksheet
  • Census Report
  • Admission/Discharge Report

Resident Care provides Resident Assessment (MDS), Care Plans, and Medical Records.

Resident Assessment (MDS) Features

  • Access residents by name, not number
  • Resident data taken from Resident Admissions
  • Choose individual or continuous screens for data entry of the MDS, RAP Summary, and the Quarterly Review
  • Online update of current MDS
  • Weight program which tracks by resident and facility along with worksheets for staff use. Flows to MDS and Medical Records.
  • Retains discharged resident data
  • Retains previous assessments for all residents
  • Online review of MDS
  • MDS printed on laser printer
  • Identifies MDS questions not answered
  • Identifies MDS questions answered inconsistently with other questions
  • Identifies triggers on MDS and Quarterly Review
  • Prints MDS RAP Guidelines information specific to resident
  • Online entry of MDS RAP Summary
  • MDS information flows to Quarterly Review
  • Provides Resident Census and Condition of Residents report and Resident Roster for surveyors

MDS Query and Audit

  • Tracks resident’s quarterly and annual MDS review dates
  • List answers for up to five MDS questions for quality assurance
  • Easy ICD-10 lookup
  • HCFA transmission of MDS data
  • Inquiry entry which flows to MDS and Face Sheet

Resident Assessment (MDS) Reports

  • MDS
  • MDS RAP Summary
  • MDS Discharge and Reentry Tracking forms
  • MDS Quarterly Review
  • MDS Trigger Report by resident
  • MDS RAP Guidelines by resident
  • Resident Census and Condition of Residents Report
  • Resident Roster Report
  • Unanswered Questions Report
  • Consistency Problems Report

Care Plan Features

  • Online update of current Care Plans
  • Retains discharged resident data
  • Online review of Care Plans
  • Interdisciplinary libraries of Problems, Goals, and Approaches
  • Individualized Care Plans
  • Personalized Problems, Goals, and Approaches for each RAP
  • Tracks Care Plan review dates
  • Interdisciplinary flow sheet documentation records
  • Care Plan Query and Audit:
  • Listing of ICD10, Advance Directives, Raps, and self Administer Medication information from Care Plan Facesheet
  • List of Birthdates, by year or month
  • List of dates assigned to Problems, Goals, and Approaches for a specific resident or all
  • Sequential prompting for Care Plan creation and change

Care Plans Reports

  • Care Plan
  • Problem Listing
  • Goals Listing
  • Approaches Listing
  • Interdisciplinary Flow Sheets
  • Complete listing of Problems, Goals andApproaches by rap or all available entries

Medical Records Features

  • Complies will all applicable regulations
  • Only enter Physician’s Orders one time
  • All reports generate from same Physician’s Orders
  • On-line review of Physician’s Orders
  • Identifies Add / Changes on Physician’s Orders
  • Multiple options for Physician’s Orders and related documents
  • Access residents by name, not number
  • Ability to print between cycle dates
  • Options available by Nursing Station
  • Problem or Group charting
  • 30, 60 or 90 day cycles
  • User-designed standing orders
  • User-designed Certification statement

Medical Records Reports

  • Physician’s Orders
  • Medication Records
  • Treatment Records
  • Restraint/Seclusion Records
  • History of Diagnoses and Discharge Summary
  • Disease Index
  • Documentation Records
  • Orders Listing by Resident
  • Orders Listing by Physician
  • Orders Listing by Nurses’ Station
  • Resident Reference Listing
  • Frequency Code Form
  • Department Code Form
  • Order Type Form
Financial Management includes accounting functions such as General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Payroll and other related processes

General Ledger Features

  • Automatic posting from other HCare1 modules
  • Automatic journal entries
  • Posting to prior accounting periods
  • Automatic closing of year end
  • Multiple location capability
  • Automatic consolidation of multiple locations, if desired
  • Budgeting by account
  • Complete audit trail
  • Financial reporting statistics by resident days or percent of revenue
  • User controlled financial report formats
  • Interim financial reports
  • Ability to set up two special reports to simplify gathering and tabulating financial data required for internal use or outside agencies
  • Selectable financial data comparisons based on previous month, year, etc.
  • Branch reporting for up to 999 profit centers
  • Review budget information by month, quarter, etc.

General Ledger Reports

  • General Ledger
  • Balance Sheet
  • Statement of Income
  • Subsidiary Schedules
  • Interim General Ledger
  • Interim Balance Sheet
  • Interim Statement of Income
  • Interim Subsidiary Schedules
  • Accountant Compilation Statements
  • Budget Worksheet
  • Budget Percentage Report
  • Budget Comparison Report
  • Budgeted Financial Statements
  • Journal Entry Listing
  • Trial Balance
  • Working Trial Balance
  • Year-to-Date General Ledger
  • Year-to-Date Balance Comparison

Accounts Payable Features

  • Access vendors by name, not number
  • Net or Gross accounting
  • Allows partial payment of invoices
  • Expense account number printed on check stub, if desired
  • Ability to add automatically paid invoices
  • Automatically calculates vendor discounts
  • User-controlled invoice aging periods
  • On-line checkbook
  • Check reconciliation
  • Comprehensive audit trails
  • Flows to General Ledger, if desired
  • Journal entries by detail or summary
  • Produces 1099-Miscellaneous
  • Temporary or permanent vendors
  • Manual or automatic vendor numbers
  • Easy to release or hold invoices for payment
  • Allows multiple account expensing
  • Prevents duplicate entry of invoices
  • Over payment of invoices prevented automatically
  • Ensures properly balanced entries and valid account numbers

Accounts Payable Reports

  • Vendor Analysis Report
  • Open Invoices Report (Vendor)
  • Open Invoices Report (Account)
  • Cash Requirements Reports
  • Invoice Aging Report
  • Checks and Statements
  • Check Register
  • Distribution Report Current Month
  • Distribution Report Future Months
  • Unpaid Balance Report
  • 1099 – Miscellaneous Forms
  • Outstanding Check Listing
  • Address Labels
  • File Folder Labels

Payroll Features

  • Accommodates Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Semi-monthly pay periods
  • Multiple pay periods running concurrently
  • Up to 3 checks per employee per period
  • Per-resident-day statistics on earnings and hours
  • Flows to General Ledger, if desired
  • Ability to generate W-2’s on forms and magnetic media
  • Automation calculation of manual checks
  • Ability to print user defined message on check stub
  • Complete payroll tax information including 941 figures
  • User-defined earnings, taxes and deductions
  • Calculates Earned Income Credits
  • User controlled maximum check amount
  • Pre-tax deductions (401K, Cafeteria Plans, etc.)
  • Automatic setup of employee deductions
  • Ability to define and audit on two user controlled employee data fields
  • Accruals and reversals calculated and posted if desired
  • Automatic time sheets for salaried employees
  • Financial, employee, and hours audits
  • Check reconciliation
  • Access employees by name, not number
  • Tax table changes allowed
  • Automatic / Manual employee numbers
  • Ability to track pool labor costs
  • Identifies active employees that do not have a time sheet entered

Payroll Reports

  • Labor Profile
  • Time Entry Report
  • Pool Time Entry Report
  • Check Preview Report
  • Employee Pay Check and Statement
  • Check Register
  • Labor Distribution Summary
  • Labor Distribution Report (Hours)
  • Labor Distribution Report (Dollars)
  • Payroll Distribution Report
  • Earnings Report
  • Tax Report
  • Deduction Register
  • Employee Time Card Labels
  • Employee Address Labels
  • State Unemployment Form
  • Report of Wages
  • W-2 Statement of Earnings
  • Manual/Voided Check Report
  • Quarterly Tax Report
  • Outstanding Check Listing
  • Tax Table Report
  • Deduction Type Report
  • Earnings Type Report
  • Department Code Report
  • Employee Report
  • Pre-Tax Deduction Report


If you can’t find an answer to your question, please feel free to submit your question.

Who do we contact to find out more about HCare1?2015-10-29T20:28:15-05:00

Go to our “Contact Us” page and select your desired option for contacting our sales department.

What type of internet access is needed to use HCare1?2015-10-29T20:27:34-05:00

Broadband is best for the fastest performance. This would include cable modem (most popular and is an add-on from your cable TV provider), DSL (offered by the phone company, but not in all locations), T1 or fractional T1 (also offered by the phone company, but is usually costly), wireless (available in some communities with antennas on water towers or high buildings), and satellite. We can help you decide the best solution for your situation. HCare1 does work on standard dial-up, but it does run slower. We recommend having a dial-up connection as a backup to broadband.

Can I work from home using HCare1 on my home computer?2015-10-29T20:27:08-05:00

You can if you have adequate hardware, internet access and a valid employee or third party login.

How long does it take to implement HCare1?2015-10-29T20:26:37-05:00

It usually takes anywhere from 15 to 60 days, but this can vary even more based on the size and number of facilities involved, customer schedule, our schedule, conversion complexity, duration of verification testing, and outside factors such as setting up internet access.

What do we need to do to begin using HCare1?2015-10-29T20:26:00-05:00

After our services agreement is in place, we give new customers a few things to do in order to get ready to use the system. These include acquiring new equipment or making sure existing equipment is adequate, making sure an appropriate network and internet connection is in place and gathering setup information necessary for conversion or new system initialization. Once these tasks are complete we convert the data, provide training and set up a test system. After the customer uses the test system to their satisfaction and verifies the accuracy of processing, we perform the final production conversion and the customer is up and running.

Is HCare1 HIPAA compliant for security and privacy?2015-10-29T20:25:00-05:00


How much does HCare1 cost?2015-10-29T20:24:42-05:00

There is no upfront license fee for HCare1. We charge a monthly fee for use of the system based on which modules are needed, the number and size of the LTC facilities, the number of system users and the number of databases deployed. The idea is to provide value and quality at an affordable rate – almost always less per month than other vendors charge just for support!!! Contact our sales department for specific pricing – even if you have not been automated previously, you will be pleasantly surprised how inexpensive it is to run your facility using HCare1.

Does Health Care Systems Corporation provide custom solutions?2015-10-29T20:24:09-05:00

Yes. We can build complete custom solutions to specifically meet a customer’s overall business needs or we can perform custom modifications to our existing solutions to handle unique customer requirements.

What products does Health Care Systems Corporation offer?2015-10-29T20:22:12-05:00

We currently offer HCare1, our integrated LTC administration system, but we will soon be adding a secondary billing solution and a charting system, as well.