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Health Care Systems Corporation’s start can be traced back 40 years ago. The original 1975 company was formed as a partnership between several long term care providers as a service bureau. We have performed billing services for many customers over the last 40 years.

Why outsource or partner on billing? Save money. Improve cash flow. Ensure billing compliance. Reduce billing errors.

Struggling to keep on top of billing?  We can help whether it is a short or long term assignment, regardless of your software provider. Business Office Manager off for vacation, illness or just feeling overwhelmed? Do you have a backup biller or someone to ask questions? Give us a call! Have us there for when you need us.

Complete billing of all pay types – Medicare A & B, Medicare Advantage Plans, Insurance, Private, VA, Hospice, Medicaid… follow up and adjustments.  We also can do account audits, Medicaid applications, or any combination of the above that will most benefit you.

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Introducing HCare1

Health Care Systems Corporation is proud to present HCare1:

  • Comprehensive
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable

HCare1 is our new comprehensive LTC administrative system that operates over the internet. It handles patient census and billing, Medicare, Medicaid, patient care plans, MDS, medical records, general ledger, accounts payable, payroll and more.

We are a software, technology, and billing services company.
HCare1 is also available for corporate license for internal source access. Health Care Systems Corporation also partners with vendors.

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works on any O.S

works on any device.

Industry Leaders

Our staff consists of a combination of LTC professionals and technology specialists working together to provide effective and affordable business solutions to nursing homes, LTC facilities and other medical organizations.

What’s HCare1?

HCare1 is the Long Term Care solution from Health Care Systems. The comprehensive package runs on Windows based computers with accessibility to the internet. Our monthly subscription service provides you access to HCare1 with the ability to securely input, view, process and print information from any of your facilities.

HCare1 is available in three separate, but integrated modules; Resident Management, Resident Care, and Financial Management. Together, these modules provide an integrated management solution for LTC facilities, but they can also be used individually in combination with other third party systems.

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Why You Should Consider HCare1?

  • No upfront license fees
  • Total cost for less than many other vendors’ maintenance fees alone
  • No special equipment or computer staff required
  • We can provide computers or you can use your own
  • Work from home or anywhere with internet access
  • No upgrades to deal with – we do this automatically for you
  • No backups to worry about – we take care of it from our location
  • Want to host it yourself? – we can provide an affordable license or pick our self hosting turn-key solution


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